Getting to the Point - EPISODE 1 "The Children’s Hospital of Orange County"

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Meet the Families

The Wilfords

After unexpectedly being diagnosed with a brain tumor, Max was immediately rushed to emergency surgery at CHOC. After surgery, he was unable to walk and struggled to talk. Max went through intensive physical therapy, speech, and occupational therapy as well as 18 months of chemotherapy. CHOC acupuncturist Ruth McCarty was consulted early on to help Max with his fatigue, nausea, and pain and this helped form the foundation of Max’s remarkable recovery. Max’s parents went on to start the Max Love Project, a non-profit that offers support and advice to families dealing with cancer and other serious illnesses.

The Spinellos

Three-year-old Cade’s left eye began to cross and he was prescribed a patch to wear. Around his fifth birthday, his doctor noticed swelling in his optic nerve and ordered an immediate MRI that revealed an egg-sized tumor on his optic nerve. Surgery was performed the next day at CHOC where his mother was still hospitalized having just given birth to his baby sister, Lucy. After his second surgery three weeks later, Cade suffered a major stroke causing complete paralysis of his right side. CHOC acupuncturist Ruth McCarty was consulted to help Cade to recover from both his stroke and the side-effects of chemotherapy.

(pictured with Director Doug Dearth and ANF Founder Matthew Bauer)

In the News

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ANF President Matthew Bauer was interviewed by Austin Texas Let’s Get Healthy Talk Radio about Getting to the Point.


Doug Dearth featured as part of "What's Happening in Healthcare" on Local 12.

About the Documentary

The first episode of the Getting to the Point documentary series,“The Children’s Hospital of Orange County,” features interviews with the parents of two young children who were diagnosed with brain cancer and received acupuncture/Chinese medicine services from Ruth McCarty both within the hospital and at her clinic. The parents tell of the shock of having their “normal, healthy child” suddenly undergoing emergency surgery and the grueling aftermath that followed. We learn how their children’s quality of life was helped tremendously by acupuncture and related therapies in easing their fatigue, nausea and pain especially through the process of 18 months of chemotherapy.

Episode 1 showcases the incredible work being done by Licensed Acupuncturist Ruth McCarty in one of the nation’s leading children’s hospitals. This 30-minute documentary was conceived and executive produced by the non-profit, all volunteer Acupuncture Now Foundation (ANF) and funded by more than 200 donors from around the world. It was directed and produced by Doug Dearth, the filmmaker who made the award-winning 2009 documentary “9000 Needles”. 

The ANF seeks to raise more funds to promote this first episode and continue filming additional episodes.  Our vision is to “Create a world where the benefits of acupuncture are known and available to all.” Please help us help others by making a donation today.



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About the ANF

Creating a world where the benefits of acupuncture are known and available to all

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Research on Acupuncture for Cancer Patients

The U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) recently released a review of research done on acupuncture’s potential in treating cancer patients.

These reviews cover both clinical human trials and “mechanisms” research done on lab animals. This research supports the use of acupuncture for cancer patients and concludes – “For acupuncture to become part of the standard of care for cancer patients, further education about acupuncture, improved insurance coverage, and accessibility to qualified acupuncturists are needed.”

With the release of our first episode of “Getting to the Point,” the ANF is working all three areas of education about acupuncture, improving insurance coverage, and helping people to locate qualified acupuncturists.


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