Spacing treatments for maximum clinical effectiveness: Online course

The ANF self-paced training course: Spacing treatments for maximum clinical effectiveness, is in PDF form with an online assessment at the end. The course can be printed out for your learning and completed in your own time.

About the course:

It takes several skills to give an acupuncture practice the best chance of succeeding. The number of treatments and frequency required to achieve maximum benefit for your patients is an essential skill and key to a successful clinical practice. There is a fine balance to this skill, if you stretch the acupuncture treatments out too far and you can lose momentum where as too frequent demands a large time and money commitment from the patient, which could be a barrier to proceeding with treatment.

A good, rough rule of thumb is that problems the patient has had for years (or that were years in the making) will take months to treat. Problem the patient has had for months will take weeks to treat. Problems the patient has had for weeks can take days to treat and problems the patient just developed in the last few days may respond to just one or two treatments

How much does the course cost?:

$60 USD

How do I start the course?:

Click the link to payment and proceed. If you aren’t ready to do the quiz for certification, save the link and complete at another time.

Spacing Treatments for Maximum Therapeutic Benefit

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About the trainer: 

Each year Matthew sees hundreds of patients. With 25 years of clinical experience Matthew Bauer has plenty of knowledge to share with you. View the YouTube clip for more information on the course and to hear from Matthew directly.