Origins of Acupuncture and CM Theory Training Course

The Origins of Acupuncture & Chinese Medical Theory course has been designed as a self-paced course with an online assessment at the end. The course can be printed out for your learning.

About the course:

Exploring the roots of the Chinese medical system helps us put the many current theories into perspective, develop our critical thinking skills, and better understand how to make sense of ancient literature.

How much does the course cost?:

$60 USD

How do I start the course?:

Click the link to payment and proceed. If you aren’t ready to do the quiz for certification, save the link and complete at another time.

On the Origins of Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Theory

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About the trainer: 

Each year Matthew sees hundreds of low back pain patient. With 25 years of clinical experience Matthew Bauer has plenty of knowledge to share with you.