Low Back Pain Training Course

The ANF low back pain training course has been designed as a self-paced course with an online assessment at the end. The course can be printed out for your learning.

About the course:

Low back pain in the most common reason patients seek-out acupuncture and especially for chronic or otherwise slow to respond to conventional therapy low back pain. While we will briefly cover acute low back pain at the end of the lesson, most the material presented in this course is focused on chronic low back pain patients. Most of the training can be applied to other types of back pain as well as neck pain and other soft tissue or orthopedic type disorders.

We discuss the protocol “every little bit counts”. We cover best approach for treating chronic or otherwise “stubborn” low back pain. It is a protocol that works towards getting every bit of improvement stimulating a patients’ body’s efforts to heal itself and every bit limiting aggravating the condition. The course will discuss a ‘tipping point’ that gets passed in the treatment process – a hump to get over . The goal then is to do all you can to get your patients over this hump with the fewest treatments at the least expense.

How much does the course cost?:

$60 USD

How do I start the course?:

Click the link to payment and proceed. If you aren’t ready to do the quiz for certification, save the link and complete at another time.

The Successful Management of the Low Back Pain Patient

Want to know more?

About the trainer: 

Each year Matthew sees hundreds of low back pain patient. With 25 years of clinical experience Matthew Bauer has plenty of knowledge to share with you.