Accredited Courses

Online courses are a great way to support the Acupuncture Now Foundation, complete your professional educational requirements and learn something new.


The Acupuncture Now Foundation offers acupuncturists a variety of self paced courses that are accredited in multiple countries. All proceeds of the ANF courses supports our upcoming projects.

Also if you purchase using our links below from our educational partners, you will also be helping to support the ANF.


ANF Online Self Paced Courses Available: $60 USD

After reading the course (written by Matthew Bauer), you are prompted to take the quiz and receive your certificate.

  • 5.5 Hours NCCAOM PDA Core Knowledge, Skill, Ability credits
  • 5 Hours of California CEU category 1 credit
  • 5 CPD Credits Australia: AACMA certified.


The Successful Management of the Low Back Pain Patient (Sample Course)

Spacing Treatments for Maximum Therapeutic Benefit (Sample Course)

Geriatric Acupuncture (Sample Course)    

Healing with the Energy Equation (Sample Course)

On the Origins of Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Theory (Sample Course)


Matthew’s Summary:

Each of these courses were developed from my many years of practice and, in the case of the Origins of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine theory, nearly 15 years of research. When you treat a steady flow of patients for decades, you learn a lot about how to manage different types of patients with different types of conditions. I treat hundreds of low back pain patients a year as well as hundreds of elderly patients so those courses are boiled-down from thousands of patient contact experiences.

One of my keys to success in treatment is learning how to space treatments in such a manner as to get the most benefit with the fewest treatments. My “Spacing Treatments” course delves into that subject in more detail than has ever been done before (in English, anyway).

My “Healing with the Energy Equation” course offers a unique way of understanding the dynamics of energy in health and disease and is especially focused on treating the most stubborn, chronic disorders such as auto-immune diseases and chronic fatigue.

A sample of the materials can be read for free before you purchase so you can get a better idea of the material.

Thank you for your support and I hope these courses help you to better help many others.

-Matthew Bauer