Master Tung Part Three: How to Stay Out of Jail

Welcome to our 3rd edition of Master Tung points. I hope since the last 2 articles that you all have tried or even read more about the Master Tung points. They continue to inspire me, change my clinic, stop pain and suffering and really make the journey of a practitioner an exciting one.

In our last section we focused a lot on back pain. I wanted to share with you a few more amazing points with many far reaching implications and applications for everyday patients in the clinic. One set of points even kept me out of jail!

If there was a point that I love like my wife and children that point would be Fan Hou Jie.


Fan Hou Jie is needled from the dorsal surface straight down to the palmar surface. This is an amazing point, so good it’s beyond “what and where is your pain” it just works! It’s particularly great and famous for shoulder pain and I’d suggest as well upper neck and upper back pain.

I was recently giving a seminar and I was told by an attendee that the “Chinese never separated out the shoulder and upper trap and back pain”. They said neck or shoulder and both the neck and the shoulder in ancient China meant, the “neck, upper back and the traps” and or the “shoulder and traps”. I thought that was very interesting. Regardless? This point is so good at helping shoulder pain we don’t need to diagnosis what channel what part or why. It just works.

This is also amazing for upper neck and back pain. If you know SUJOK hand therapy, the Thumb is the Torso and the back of the hand is the back of the person. The 2nd joint of the thumb corresponds to the C7/T1 joint of the neck via SUJOK hand therapy. We can see why, just below C7/T1 is the traps and upper back muscles via the image and this point is amazing for it. Since 99.999875% of all my patients ALWAYS to some degree have tight neck and shoulders? This point, FAN HOU JIE is a MUST! You will not be disappointed in the least with the powerful, reliable, and consistent reproducible results.

This point also helps the lung and we can see most of our patients that have upper back trap pain are tight, constricted, stagnated and just don’t breathe freely enough. This is one more amazing indication of this point – pain and breathing. It’s easily one of Master Tung’s Modern day best points.

The other top modern day Tung points you must know and or use are the “Upright Tendon Points” for neck pain. These are the points that saved me from being thrown in jail in Vietnam for being an American spy. No kidding. More on than in a bit.


The point 77.01 is 3.5 cun proximal from the bottom of the heal. 77.02 is 2 cun up from 77.01. 77.03 is 2 cun up from 77.02. 77.04 is 2.5 cun up from 77.03. These points are needled IN BETWEEN the KD and BL meridians. They are needled through the Achilles tendon and the needles should touch the posterior aspect of the tibia.

Points 77.01, 77.02, and 77.03 77.04 are always used in combination. I find that using 2 or 3 of the points is sufficient but at times do use all 4 points if needed.

These should be your first choice to treat neck pain on the bone, cervical issues from C1 to C7, and thoracic from T1 to T4. In the clinic I typically use the points as follows

● 77.01 treats C1-2
● 77.02 treats C2-4
● 77.03 treats C4-7/T1
● 77.04 treats T1-T4

These points clinically treat the spine, the DU and Bladder channels on the neck. I will often combine these 3 points with Ren 24 to treat neck pain. Master Tung was a master at the 14 TCM channels, it’s “ok” to use Tung points with your TCM points. You just need to know the healing mechanisms and when it IS and IS NOT appropriate to combine TCM and Tung points.

These are the points that saved me from going to jail in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2016. My wife is from Vietnam, I have been to Vietnam over 15 times, and on this trip my visa and passports were all correct. For some reason this time, the local police didn’t like that a “non Vietnamese” was staying at my in-laws home. My wife and I were married in America and later on married in Vietnam as well. We had crossed and checked all legal boxes. Yet, for some reason they insisted that “non Chinese person” MUST BE A SPY because how could a “white non Chinese looking person do Chinese medicine?” I must be a spy of some sort.

The only way to prove I was a “real acupuncturists” was to fix one of the police officers neck pain. Right there, right now, in the living room of my in- laws house. No second chances. No palpation. No 10 questions. No “where is your pain and what channel is it on”? No history about his neck pain other than he was in a motorcycle accident while he was working. That’s it! I needed to perform or I was going to be sent to jail.

These points kept me out of jail. I inserted 77.01-2-3 and his neck pain was gone. I was saved! That is how good these points work. When you only have one shot; one chance to help your patient before they quit on you? These are the points to use for neck pain and also neck and upper back pain. A great combination is 77.0-1-2-3-4 with Fan Hou Jie. It’s darn near a sure thing, if there is such a thing in medicine.

My last point I would like to share with you all is the apex of the ear. I usually micro puncture this point but I can be needled as well. I find it works better if we prick this point and let a few drops of blood but needling is amazing as well.

From a Tung perspective, one of the top 10 Tung points is “bleeding the ear apex” and I use that quite often for allergy, systemic pain, shingles, sty in the eye, hypertension, stress, insomnia, a hangover, motion sickness, night sweats, low back pain, hypertension, common cold, migraines. It’s quite a remarkable point to bleed and/or needle.

Why does this work? Bloodletting is an art in itself and 1/3 of all Master Tung patients were bled. I have bled 1000’s of patients. In the clinics I volunteered for while in India, we noticed on chronic pain patients- actually any chronic condition- that acupuncture alone wasn’t enough. After 1 month of treatment we started changing things around. We would not do acupuncture UNTIL we bleed them first. If any patient had any chronic disease, condition anything – they were bled first. This dramatically increased our results. I would bleed 50+ patients a day in India. This does not mean we bleed a lot of blood. Just a few drop to maybe a tablespoon of blood was enough.

The other part of the ear I would bleed a lot is the back of the ear. On the back of the ear it’s important to bleed all the visible veins.

The ear relates to the Kidney (KD), all the Yang channels run the ear, the Heart (HT) opens to the ear (via the Su Wen), the HT and KD communicate. The GB, Shao Yang channels, are around the ear, the BL or Tai Yang channels go to the ear. The HT open orifices, controls sweat, controls fluids. Liver Yang and Liver fire rises up in the ears. The HT and KD meet at the ear and are the “Fire and Water”. So many things, channels, ideas, theories, and relationships happen around the ear. It’s a very powerful way to treat.

Clinically I will needle the ear apex and or needle the back of the ear, assuming there are visible veins, every day in my clinic for stress, sleep, system pain, systemic stagnation, headaches, jaw problems, dizziness, “feeling out of sorts”, “feeling out of it and under the weather”, “feeling down, or tired, or just not right”. I will use the ear every day for patients with common cold, the “sniffles”, any type of excess Yang, fire, heat, inflammatory condition. They are points not to be dismissed. It is an amazing point for just overall aches and pains of the body.

Fan Hou Jie, The Upright Tendons and the Ear Apex are 3 Points (sets of points) that should be on all acupuncturists short-list of amazing clinically relevant mind blowing therapeutically valuable points. They have saved me from jail, helped 1000’s alleviate pain & suffering and treat many common issues that I see in the clinic, including neck pain with reliable, consistent and reproducible results.

I hope you have enjoyed our 3 part series on Master Tung acupuncture. I will leave with you this: I am just “Brad”, I have no magic needles and no special abilities. I struggle every day and I fail. I make mistakes and continue to treat. My clinic is busy and successful and it is for no reason other than that I use Master Tung acupuncture. It is dependable and reliable with immediate and miraculous results. Want a fun, busy, amazing healing clinic? I highly suggest you try out these points and embrace Master Tung acupuncture you will not be disappointed.

Here is what a few people have said about seminars I have given in regards to Master Tung Points.

“Brad’s seminar on Master Tung points for internal disorders was excellent. It was good to learn new points and applications to treat things other than pain. It’s important to keep acupuncture and TCM in the spotlight as a medical system and not solely as a modality for pain management. Brad is always energetic, engaging and helpful…sharing a lot of additional information as it arises. I highly recommend his seminars!”


“Thank you for making Tung acupuncture so approachable. In the past, I found it daunting, scary and thought I would NEVER bother trying to learn this. But, on one of my internet searches for back pain relief, I came across your videos and started to think, “maybe it’s not so scary!”. I’m so glad I signed up for your course. My enthusiasm was so great after the weekend seminar that after my long drive home, I had to treat my husband to try out the exciting new points and methods of needling that I learned from you. You have a real talent for breaking down an enormous body of knowledge into a tangible and practical protocol. I look forward to continuing learning from you online and at future seminars.”


If I can do this, ANYBODY CAN! Good luck!
We Can All Be Successful.

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    I am so glad that I discovered you and your site
    I have been a p ractitioner of Master Tung’s points for nine years now and consistently get amazing results

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